Free Debit Card Processing!

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Securus Payments is always striving to save your company money, and our newest program allows you to save the most. Our new Securus Payments POS credit card terminal coupled with our processing allows us to discount all of your debit card processing fees to $0. This mean FREE DEBIT CARD PROCESSING. This is done by incentivizing your customers to pay by credit card, cash or checks.

At the time of transaction, your business would explain to the customer that there is a $0.49 service fee associated with all sales (similar to automatic gratuity at restaurants), but if the customer decides to pay with a credit card, cash or a check then that service fee is discounted off. Whether the customer uses a pin for the debit card or swipes their debit card, it makes no difference and will still be charged the service fee.

The service fee is then passed onto the customer and therefore the merchant is not responsible for the debit card fees. Securus Payments is the PREFERRED  provider of this terminal and the processing making us the best company nationwide that can offer this to anyone. Our terminal is also EMV Compliant*!

To take advantage of our services and terminal or have any other questions please call us at 1-866-649-1324 or email

Debit Card Processing