About: Securus Payments

Known for affordable and dependable payment system services, Oregon-based Securus Payments recently launched a charitable program to benefit disabled American veterans. In October 2011, the co-founders of Securus Payments presented an initial gift of $1,500 to Tony Couch, the Commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 72 in Portland. The donation, made by Steven Lemma and Mychol Robirds, jump-starts a plan to help veterans who have been wounded during service to the United States military with holiday expenses, medical bills, and other needs.

An independent sales organization and member-services provider for Wells Fargo Bank, Securus Payments develops innovative software and hardware systems to facilitate smooth, easily traced and reported commercial transactions. Working with companies ranging from small, home-based businesses to large enterprises with multiple locations, Securus offers payment card processing, point-of-sale systems, and other merchant services. Developing custom solutions that work within a company’s business model, policies, and budget, Securus Payments positions each client for successful operations while also taking into account its potential for growth. As such, the systems engineered by the firm become investments in long-term goals and also expedite day-to-day operations.

Customers today want the option of using credit, debit, and electronic-benefit cards rather than cash to make purchases. Convenience, added protections offered by many card companies, and reward points make it easier and more appealing to use a card rather than write a check. Therefore, businesses that accept card-based payments using the merchant services of Securus Payments often find that they significantly increase their ability to reach new audiences.

Because some clients still prefer to write a check rather than use a card, Securus Payments offers secure electronic check processing systems. The electronic check solution allows the customer to use the payment method he or she chooses while at the same time providing retail and commercial operations additional security for check acceptance.


One thought on “About: Securus Payments

    John Frandi said:
    December 12, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    Great work, and thanks for the donation to helping wounded soldiers and their families!

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