Sales experience: Simple ways to increase online sales

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Sales experience: Simple ways to increase online sales

These days, more people are buying online.  While the previous decade has stigmatized online purchases with the many instances of identity theft, online shopping has had a remarkable, non-nefarious rebirth.  In fact,are seeing nothing but a brighter future for online shopping, with an added emphasis on today’s vast advances in the field of mobile technology.


That said, it is more important than ever to ride this growing e-commerce wave, either by setting up an online component to your business, or by improving your present online portal to make it more attractive to customers and more competitive against other businesses with similar products and services.


Stumped how? Here are a few simple, yet overwhelmingly effective ways to get the ball e-rolling:


Get only what you pay for – These days, widgets, feeds, and trackers of every sort are available for your online business for free.  However, these free services can get pretty clunky at times, which may reduce traffic and engagement at your business during critical periods.  The following are a few things you may think twice about scrimping on: graphic design, hosting, and project management.

Make sure you are found – One acronym is all you need to understand: SEO.  With the right number of tags and keywords scattered all over your business site, traffic will arrive organically—that is, without all the forced methods some websites use nowadays, just to create fake traffic (misleading backlinks, hidden code, pop-ups, etc.).

Go mobile, too – This 2014, mobile use is predicted to cover around a fourth of total Internet usage.  Take advantage of this by having a website that is friendly to mobile surfers as well.

Securus Paymentsis a trusted  provider of payment systems among businesses.  Visit for more information about online business optimization.


Matt From Pizza Heaven

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A testimonial from one of our customers:

“The superior customer service that I have been receiving from Securus Payments is second to none. I have NEVER been happier with a company like I am with yours… Finally, ac company that does things right!! My customers always joke around saying “Thank Heaven for Pizza Heaven”, but I say, Thank Heaven for Securus Payments.”

–  Matt Micheltree

Pizza Heaven, Penn Hills, PA

Benjamin From Merles Food & Beverage

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A testimonial from one of our customers:

“I have been very happy with Securus Payments. You have worked with me at keeping up with the current processing laws, and also honored your part of the agreement… I am very happy with the service on both the customer service end and technical support. My issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.”

– Benjamin Lynch

Merles Food & Beverage, Lincoln, NE

Jeremiah From Bullfrog Performance Speed Shop, Inc

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A testimonial from one of our customers:

“Everything is working out great so far. ON the first statement I could really see the difference in savings you proposed. Thanks for being so honest/straight forward on the savings and making a real difference…”

– Jeremiah Swindell

Bullfrog Performance Speed Shop, Inc., Zephyrhills, FL

Debi From The Vineyard Salon

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A testimonial from one of our customers:

“I can’t say enough about the customer service I’ve received from Securus. Jim Lawson same to my business on a Sunday to help me with the set-up. I had read the directions wrong and plugged in the cord incorrectly. He fixed it and smiled. Great support and so happy I found them.”

-Debi McRynolds-Cook

The Vineyard Salon, Auburn, CA

My Yen Pham From Dupont Nail and Spa

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A testimonial from one of our customers:

“Good Service”

– My Yen Pham

Dupont Nail and Spa, Dupont WA

Rick From Game On Inc.

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A testimonial from one of our customers:

“Chris Adams (A Customer Service Representative at Securus Payments) was very helpful when I had questions about my rates. He was efficient and courteous, he took my info and within a day had my rate modified and kept this customer happy!”

– Rick Morad

Game On Inc./Whirly Ball, Bedford Hts, OH